Beyond Church Hurt

Beyond Church Hurt

October 27, 2016

Whispers Became Louder

When dealing with these people, they would suck you into their family as though one of their own, then drop you into the fire! They spoke many false things into the ears of all desperate ones willing to please God in order to be right with Him. Their whispers became louder and louder till soon it became a normal thing for your name to be called out during one of the weekly prophesying episodes in the midst of service.  Suddenly interrupting the service one would yell, “Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan! Come come come…come to me! Your not obeying my voice, Jonathan! I lie not! I lie not! Come unto me! Hearken, hearken! Lest, I destroy you Jonathan! Come come come!” With tongues following or in between the belting out of this word for you, you knew to take heed! Jonathan…feeling the fear take hold of him, trembling and completely broken, walks to the front of the church in full submission, begging God not to destroy him. Jonathan is one who was praying, submitting to the leaders, and yet seeking for the Holy Ghost to fill him. He wants to do everything to please God. So, unknowingly he steps before them in full submission and fear, ready to whatever is asked of him. Later finds himself turning on his entire family, whom by the way is doomed for destruction by the time they finished whispering to him. He is now believing every word spoken out of their mouths. He’s now in total fear. Jonathan is a name used to show you how the enemy is operating in the church. This is one of many who have fallen prey to Satan’s devices to bring you into bondage. Fear. Doubt. Unbelief. If you tried to doubt them, a prophecy was spoken over you that you were not following God anymore. So, miserably you’d obey every word! If you dared speak to anyone of your concerns, it was made known and brought out during the service. Never was a word given until it was made known unto them. “Lord, stop the whispers and false prophecies”, I prayed. Yet, they continue…

©2016 The Cunningham Journey


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