Beyond Church Hurt

Prophecy Destruction II

October 26, 2016

Though warnings were coming, full understanding wasn’t fully manifested to prepare us for what Satan had in mind against our beautiful family. This goes beyond church hurt. They were trying to destroy us.

(Excerpt from Prophecy Destruction I)

In continuance, our walk with Christ in the beginning was powerful, encouraging, and we believed we could endure anything that came our way! We walked with the confidence of knowing Christ saved us and set us free from sin and bondage! No matter what the enemy’s tactics were, we overthrew them by our strong faith in God! We were troubled on every side, yet not distressed. We were perplexed, yet not in despair. Strong and mighty in the faith! But let me tell you…the days came when we didn’t know whether we would ever make it out alive in this church, and we didn’t know which way to turn. All manner of strength, was nowhere to be found! Most had to flee for their lives! Satan attacked every individual that named the name of Christ. Our friends were completely separated from us. One of our sons was no longer allowed to speak to one of his long childhood friends. All of our daughters were separated from their friends and then plucked off one by one, and then pitted against each other. Next, they told each of our children to never again follow us, because we were on our way to hell! Each one of them were told they were going to die! One of my younger daughters during a revival, was told she was a witch. In fact, during this service, my younger son was attacked when some of the younger teens began with their prophecies saying he was going to be destroyed. Later, it was made known that this all stemmed from something spoken against him in the teens’ home earlier that day by their parent. There was a vendetta against him for whatever reason and it all showed up during the revival. My daughter took off out the door and ran all the way down the street! It took one of the more sensible leaders to run after her and persuade her to return! He made it known after his retrieval of her. During his request to God, He said, “Lord, if this is not YOUR Spirit, at the sound of my voice…let everything cease!” As he spoke in a very loud voice, “In the Name of Jesus, STOP!”

To be continued…

©2016 The Cunningham Journey


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