Beyond Church Hurt

Prophecy Destruction I

October 27, 2016

Is There A Word Called Proph-a-lying

Seeing over 30 plus people leaving the church, for the impending destruction that was spoken over their lives, left my stomach in a knot! Including my own soon to be disturbing death that was said I would endure, I was literally scared to the core of my soul. If you didn’t line up to the standards that they expected you were destined for destruction. You were sentenced to death without a fair trial! I’m speaking of the church people! This was not a joke! Your life was subject to the laws of church or you weren’t saved anymore. Point blank. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Go on vacation? Wait…did you get permission for that? Okay, God said you’re not being obedient! This was many of the numerous laws governing your lifestyle all while serving the Lord with a pure heart. Did I pray? Indeed. This is when the Lord constantly told me that these things were not from Him. I struggled day after day with the fact that this leader was to be looked up to. That they were my guide, and they were the ones God placed before me to follow. As time went forth, I stayed on my knees pleading for my life and for the truth behind what was happening. “Lord, is this really what your saying? God, am I going to die for wanting to go on a vacation to spend time away from it all? Lord Jesus, help me. Help us.” In His audible still small voice as many know Him as, He said, “Noooo.” Because of the leadership they had on everyone there, you had no room for error. You did as you were told or out came some great prophecy against your life or maybe just a horrific phone call. This is when your heart drops to the floor while staring at the phone. Should I answer? You knew what would happen if you didn’t. I immediately started exiting the children that were in my room to the doorway so not to show how deeply afraid I was. My cheeks filling with heat and my lips beginning to turn pale, they marched out of the room. My stomach began to crunch and the pit of it was tightened. My hands starting to perspire I gripped the phone as I heard the ring tone of death continuing to chime. Prayers instantly filled my mind searching for what words I would say. Suddenly, pains dispersed through my head as thousands of shooting darts filled my neck and shoulders and began crawling down my back all while a massive headache rested on the verge of explosion. My heart pounded so I thought I would just collapse. Fear had taken hold of me within a matter of a few seconds. Pacing back and forth, stomach tightened to capacity, I took in some of the deepest breaths of my life, with fingers trembling I managed to tap the call button on my cell phone. I forcefully whispered and slipped out “hello?”

To be continued…

©2016 The Cunningham Journey


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