Beyond Church Hurt



November 4, 2016

“Your Baby Has A Demon”

During one prayer service, the atmosphere frightened a few of the little ones in the midst of us. After service, one leader said to me concerning my daughter, “I started to pray for her, she needs that demon cast out of her!” I thought within myself why he didn’t speak the same thing over another child that was merely afraid of the things going on here? And…why would you say that concerning your own close relative? Or any frightened child for that matter? This happened frequently with some of the babies. My heart was continually grieved concerning how much my children were singled out with these types of things. No other children, unless they didn’t care much for them, which was MOST of the children there… were spoken against. My family along with a few others were on the top of the list. Even in my home visit with them, I would hear how much they didn’t like this one or that one. When one of my older daughters heard what was spoken about her youngest sister, she was extremely hurt… And naturally so. If you thought of bringing these hurts to their attention it would be to your disadvantage! You would hear about it over the pulpit as you need to get over it and because HE spoke it, then it must be true! You learned that your feelings don’t matter and would normally be crushed over and over again. My baby nor any other babies there has “demons.” In fact, my daughter recently received the Holy Ghost… and no “demon” was cast out of her in order to receive God’s Spirit. We did pray for the Lord to remove the fear since leaving that congregation. At one point and time she would never allow anyone there to pray for her. She was very afraid of them. Because she felt something very wrong.

©2016 The Cunningham Journey


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