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The Strongest Man I Know

My husband is the strongest man I know other than Christ! Though he has gone through over 20+ surgeries in his body and currently facing another is nothing short of the power the Lord gives to us when we fully put our trust in Him! At present, he is waiting for a second amputation on his left foot since moving from Florida in December. At first, I didn’t want anyone to know what WE were facing, thinking to be more private about things because of past experiences. Honestly speaking…this is much more rewarding to show the goodness of Christ’s mercy, strength, and love to share with you all what God is doing with us through every trial we face. I mean…look at the smile on this man’s face as he is lying here in the hospital! He never ceases to amaze me of how to stand through the storms of life! I love this wonderful man and am so blessed to have him in my life! God continually uses him to strengthen me in my walk! I love that we are continually praying together. And we have put this situation too in the Lord’s hands to work it out. We know that every doctor and nurse that walks through these doors to care for him…is God ordained. May God’s will forever be done in our lives as we face these trials together in love! I’ll give our testimony after the test.