Beyond Church Hurt

You’ll Never Leave This House

“You’ll never leave this house and you are not allowed to talk to your parents, because your parents are going to DIE, so you two will have to take care of all the younger kids!”, they said to my daughters. This lie was spoken to them during a time of mass confusion and many of the church members were then damaged in their faith. I also remember one of the leaders coming to our home telling us the Lord was angry with us for whatever reason and that we were going to die. A week later he made a phone call to my husband and said the Lord changed His mind. I know, it sounds dumb. But when your faith at the time was being shaken to the core…you questioned the very air you breathed. Fear was a regularity in much of the lives of many. We stayed on our face so much I think it could have become a part of the carpet. If it wasn’t for the Lord who was on our side, where would we be? I thank God for the beauty of holiness and truth. The Lord kept speaking to me through His word, saying, “I Am the Lord and I changeth not”. “I love you and you shall live and NOT die”. Those words had to seep down into my spirit. I hid them in my heart.

That was then and this is now. We HAVE moved. We now live in North Alabama. And as much as the enemy wanted to steal, kill, and destroy us. It didn’t work! We’ve moved higher in our faith and closer to our God! Restoration and healing has taken place and is a continual daily task for all of us. Leaving Florida was a matter of leaving our past behind us. We were leaving the lies, deception, and the pain. We left that house and I never looked back. Satan, once again has been made the father of lies as he always will be. We are yet ALIVE, we are FORGIVING and because of that, we are FREE! The photo above is the newly purchased home the LORD gave us. We have the deed to this home! Yes, we completely OWN this beautiful mountain home! Jesus will ALWAYS prove your enemies wrong. Hold on to your faith in Him!
So, with that being said…the home on the top is our Winter Park house that we’d never move from and the one on the bottom is our North Alabama home we moved to! God will NEVER LIE! What God has for you, it is for you! Amen? AMEN!

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