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Since When Does the Teacher Speak During the Test?

I'm sure every one of us having taken tests during our lifespan, realizes that the teacher rarely speaks during the test. In fact, most assuredly the teacher walks throughout the room in most occurances and watches every pupil. Looking over your shoulder at times letting you know of his/her presence. Yet, not saying a word.… Continue reading Since When Does the Teacher Speak During the Test?

Beyond Church Hurt

False Judgement

"He went to hell because he wasn't even saved to begin with!", says the judgemental prophetess. Yet, earlier in the year there he and his wife were prophesied to saying to them that they were going to have a baby. Okay. Here's how that went. "You and your wife shall have a child, one year… Continue reading False Judgement

Everyday Life

Watch “Stewart’s Discussion- Double Amputation” on YouTube Stewart talks briefly about his experience now having another leg amputation, and he shows his spirit is lifted high in God. He trusts the only one who can heal him and bless him to walk again. He is such a strong leader in our home and he never gives up nor did he ever… Continue reading Watch “Stewart’s Discussion- Double Amputation” on YouTube

Common Stuff

One Cunningham Cook!

Alonna cooked the most scrumptious meal tonight! Her baked tilapia, herb mashed potatoes, and fried brussel sprouts really spoke to our palates! The taste of the ham with carrots carefully fried with brussel sprouts was our #1 hit! She's coming along just like daddy Chef Cunningham! Thanks again Alonna! You nailed it! Prepared like a… Continue reading One Cunningham Cook!