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All In A Day’s Work!

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Josiah and Kaleb geared up for the task, started up the push mower and took on cutting this 1 1/2 acre estate we now call home! Josiah took on the front part where most of the lovely lawn is and Kaleb took on clearing the debri from the driveway, a little of the front and mowing the back. At one point, Kaleb had me nervous to no end with that wall he liked to walk upon while mowing!! After talking with the previous owners whom we’ve come to dearly love…they mentioned to us of an incident that occured while they lived here where a man fell of the wall only to have a 1000 lb. mower pin him down to the aspalt below the wall!!! I knew I had to take great precausions with these young men in being very careful! Believe me just standing next to it looking down looks scary! As a parent, if you have any guys in the house…you already know how they like to walk on the dangerous side sometimes!

 Not to mention the mower conking out on them right in the midst of mowing the top level by the house, but thanks to Kaleb…he never gave up! I saw him yanking the daylights out of that cord and next thing you know there goes Kaleb going by my bedroom window gliding along the front lawn!

 For a while too while Josiah walked back and forth across that steep hill out front, I felt so sorry for him I had to go cheer him on for even taking on such an enormous job. He knew of course of how many customers he may just encounter with doing such a fantastic job! Why…everyone seeing all the work he accomplished! Who wouldn’t want to hire him?? (hint, hint)

I’m so proud of my boys and their endurance! It wasn’t easy to begin with using only a push mower to start with…I look for the Lord blessing those boys with a riding mower real soon! 

Needless to say, daddy and I were very thankful for the results especially with daddy in rehab gaining his strength to learn to walk again after having another amputation. By which, a new post will come soon of his acheivements! For now, we hope you enjoyed watching with us of these two great young men!

Be blessed!


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