Beyond Church Hurt

False Judgement

He went to hell because he wasn’t even saved to begin with!”, says the judgemental prophetess. Yet, earlier in the year there he and his wife were prophesied to saying to them that they were going to have a baby. Okay. Here’s how that went. “You and your wife shall have a child, one year from now.” So, of course they walked away rejoicing with having been married awhile and in hopes that this day would come! They had tried numerous times unsuccessfully. During this time he had mentioned many times of the calling he felt on his life to preach God’s word. He looked forward to be trained in his calling. In fact, it had been said because of his past experiences in sin that he would be a great testimony to many. Seeing he had been in and out of prisons, on drugs, etc. In the meantime, months passed and many changes had taken place. Many horrible trials became evident in their lives. He saw what had started in the church…all of the confusion, all of the deception, all of the partiality. He tried his best to speak against the things he witnessed but to no avail. The leaders were too full of power for anyone to come to them with anything you didn’t agree with. You were considered disobedient or a radical to come against the rules of the church or what they have set in place for you to follow! Yet not all of the leaders were really in total agreement. Half the time, a few of them were clueless when taken into meetings with some of the members. Two of the top leaders only allowed the “newest” leaders to only know but so much. They weren’t considered to minister to certain members so that certain issues weren’t open to them. They were given a few of the lay members to work with that they felt weren’t really worth the time for anyway or ones that were under their control…they were sort of off limits. With the brother, the more he spoke out the worst things became and eventually he gave up. He went away from the Lord in bitterness over all of the things that were taking place in the midst of the church because of things he couldn’t change and couldn’t make better. He then began making many terrible decisions and turned back to the drugs. He soon found himself very sick and within three months…he passed away. As you may have guessed, no child ever came forth as “the Lord had spoken.” When the wife asked about what was told to her and her husband concerning the pregnancy never taking place, she was then told, “Oh, the Lord wasn’t saying that your husband that you have now would father the child , but that another man would.” Question…How in the world do you prophecy to a man and when he dies, you change the prophecy? And after his death you say he didn’t make it into heaven because he wasn’t saved anyways?

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