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Since When Does the Teacher Speak During the Test?

I’m sure every one of us having taken tests during our lifespan, realizes that the teacher rarely speaks during the test. In fact, most assuredly the teacher walks throughout the room in most occurances and watches every pupil. Looking over your shoulder at times letting you know of his/her presence. Yet, not saying a word. Watching you to see how your going to make it through without looking onto someone else’s paper.  As with the Lord, I’ve learned that He rarely speaks during our tests. In fact, when you call out to Him, He will answer but it seems like He doesn’t say as much as you would desire. You have to be confident that you can ace this test with flying colors. That’s when you revert back to all of the studying you’ve done in your handy book (God’s Word). Which is why we must really take lots of notes in your studies. We never know when the Lord is going to throw a pop quiz at us! Does God want us to pass? Absolutely! In fact, He stands over you at times just hoping your going to get every single answer right! I remember one time my teacher was following along with me during a test I was taking on the computer and I had no knowledge that’s what she was doing…yet she was getting excited over my answers! Honestly though, when she finally told me after I completed the test that she was watching, I was thereafter very nervous that I’d make a mistake and she would see it. She probably regretted telling me this but she still wanted me to get an A…which I did came close. She told me many times that I was a perfectionalist. At first, I didn’t feel that that was my case but I’ve come to realize the truth. I hate the fact of failing. I did many times in test taking, go back to make sure every answer was correct. I had to make 100 or it wasn’t good enough. So, it is in my day to day living. But, making an excellent score is not always good. I have to leave room for failure, so as not to become critical in my thinking. God knows were going to not get things right. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our very best in our trials. Trusting Him, praying, and studying His word will ensure the best outcome for us all. The fact that we did our best during the test, while He watches us silently, is what He requires from us. Whether we come out with an A or not, we tried our best. If the best we could do was a C…no worries, God knows our hearts. So, the greatest thing we can do is study to show ourselves approved and watch out for those pop quizzes and know that the finals will come! Remember also that our professor is standing watch over us! And have you noticed once you complete the test how much conversation you engage in when you find out your scores…He will speak again, to rejoice in your victory!

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