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One Of Those Days

You ever had one of those days where you just don’t feel like doing anything? Then you kinda feel guilty because you could have gotten so much done…well today is one of those days! But this I do know, I have accomplished that what the Lord knew was going to get done through me today.

As I rose this morning, I began to pray and thank the Lord for all He has given me. I thanked him for my husband, my children, and the saints of God He placed in my life at this particular time. I then began to feel His presence shower down upon me like a cool rain! His anointing is so powerful and so holy it is really hard to explain in words! I thanked Him for His Spirit dwelling on the inside of me! He spoke to my spirit in letting me know what He has in store for my family. God is just so amazing! I love to just talk with Him as though I could see Him face to face. I thanked the Lord for the beautiful home He gave us that we honor Him with. I just thank Him! I owe Him so much praise just for even the littlest things we take for granted. Another day on this side of the dirt is such a blessing! So many didn’t rise today. Or make it through this evening! I heard an elder say…when you think of ALL the goodness God has shown us we owe God praise and it’s time to pay up! So, I praise Jesus for everything He’s EVER done for me, through me, around me, and in me! I thank him for the good and the bad! If it wasn’t for my enemies coming against me I wouldn’t have prayed my way through, fought my way through, and trusted God through it all! I wouldn’t have gotten the promotion He gave to me! My enemies brought about a great change! I praise God for it! For that…I ought to make some phone calls and tell the enemy, “I just want to thank you!” “Thank you…for the promotion!” This is why I love to confuse the enemy when I’m going through a trial! While He’s looking for me to hold my head down, I will lift up my voice and give God a high praise! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! I think I’m going to pause my writing right now, because I feel a praise stirring up in my spirit…and I owe God a praise! I’m paying up! You know what,

This is one of those days…

To be continued….thank you Jesus!

©2021 The Cunningham Journey


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