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My Children of God

Raising a house full can be very timid, but to raise children of God is rewarding yet overwhelmingly challenging.

I remember one day I was just so done! I was exhausted with the fact that these children were so different and each ones characters were something else to deal with. One doing this the other doing that! And no one is listening! So, I’m done…I was leaving! My husband was in and out of hospitals and at this point he was doing better, but I was just done. I had nothing left to give! So, I proceeded to leave. I’m driving down the road headed towards the highway that was going to lead me away from it all! I was driving…and “fussing” with God about His children! Asking questions as to what He expected me to do with them, what about this and why this and that? I went on and on. Then I told the Lord…”Lord, why did you give me so many?!” “I’m just one person!” While crying I said, “It’s too much for me!” “I can’t do this any more!” -Then the Lord spoke…

“You feel like you can’t make it?” “You feel like you’re at your wits end?” “The apostles felt like they were at their wits end.” I responded, “But Lord, I’m not an apostle.” Crying to the Lord I said, “I just can’t do this anymore, I’m just one person. Why did you put so much on me to bear?” The Lord said, “I’m with you and will put no more on you than you can bear.” He said, “You have your children, your husband, and your home. Job, lost everything.” I responded with, “But Lord, I’m trying to do my best! Help me, please!” I really started crying then!

I however, didn’t except that at the time for an answer. I was so into my feelings that I didn’t know what answer I really wanted to hear. I knew that just wasn’t it! I kept driving. By this time, I managed to make it down to the waterfront without the Lord striking me dead for the way I got upset. I then decided before hitting the highway north, that I would pull over to just take a nap. I closed my eyes and it seemed like an hour but more than likely it was a mere 15 minutes tops. I awakened to see a bible sitting on the passenger side and picked it up in my hands. I held it and said to the Lord, “Lord, I want you to just tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do it!” So I flop open the bible and my eyes fixed on the scripture reading in Isaiah 45:9, “WOE UNTO HIM THAT STRIVETH WITH HIS MAKER.” OMG!! Well…I didn’t bother to read the rest! I began to tremble! The Lord spoke again and said, “Aurora, go home! Your whole household shall be saved!”

Don’t you know…I started that car so fast and got my tail end back down that highway towards home! Pleading with God the whole way not to kill me!

The Lord knows everything we deal with in life. My children of God is well known by their maker. He will direct your path on how to raise them through thick and thin. He has the final say and knows our end. Thankfully, mine didn’t come to a close that day?!

*Never try this at home, or anywhere for that matter Β -just saying!

Β©2021 The Cunningham Journey


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