Beyond Church Hurt

Hated Without A Cause

I share in the depths of Christ’s sufferings when His heart was overwelmed within him of the hatred and malicious acts counted against him for the love he shown unto His people. I too loved my people. The people I called my family, the ones who shared the true gospel with me to the saving of my soul, the ones who walked into the house of the Lord with me, the ones who sat at my table and supped with me…have lifted up their heel against me. And for what reason? What cause? What did I do that was so bad? I still love them…but have come to determine what Jesus said. Follow peace with all men…AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. No, you will not always get along with the people you fellowship with Sunday in and Sunday out. You’ll pass each other on the way to the restroom and say, “Praise the Lord.” Yet, keep it moving. Sad but very true. I’ve learned to love from a distance. The wise would say, ” Some people you have to handle with a long handled spoon.” Some just simply don’t like you. They don’t like your hair, your clothes, your worship, even your very presence. Give them a hug or handshake or whatever is fitting based on their character and move on to better and brighter things. I will not let the enemy stop my praise because of another’s bad attitude and smirks they want to give. The Lord saved me from what I used to be, so I refuse to allow the enemy to destroy me by them hating me without a cause. I’m greater than that! Neither will I allow the enemy to come into my bedchamber with thoughts of those that would rather see me dead. I am the KING’s daughter and the enemy must flee! There are more that be for me, than those that be against me. What can man do unto me? My faith is in the Lord and I shall LIVE AND NOT DIE! I heard an elder say, “You ought to make three phone calls to all those that hated you and tell them THANK YOU for what you’ve done for me! You’ve made a way for me to become GREAT! God used YOU to bring me higher in him! Thank you so much!”—If you love Jesus, you will suffer for His name sake, you too will be hated without a cause.

Time to make some calls, you think?

©2017 The Cunningham Journey


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