Beyond Church Hurt

PLOWED In Another Man’s Field|That’s NOT Your Grandchild

Sunday morning comes and we’re all together to fellowship in the presence of the Lord, with your spirit supposedly lifted high in order to give God praise and hear the words of the Lord. Only my heart was shattered on this particular morn. The leader said, “Turn to Deuteronomy chapter 22 and we will begin reading verses 28 through 30.” So he reads it through and then begins to tell the congregation, “If there be any young man that have taken a young woman and have lain with her and have not gone to the father to ask her for marriage and have gotten her pregnant…HE HAS PLOWED IN ANOTHER MAN’S FIELD.” “SO THEREFORE THAT CHILD DOES NOT BELONG TO HIM!” “HE HAS STOLEN THAT FATHER’S PROPERTY!” By this, I knew where he was going in his message because of our current situation. One of our sons was found getting himself in a relationship with a young woman he really cared for and she became pregnant. My body became tense and my stomach instantly began knotting up wondering what would now become of our son and this young woman. Her mother and siblings being among the congregation as well, brought even more tension to us all. He proceeded, “EVERYTHING THAT FATHER OWNS WHETHER IT BE LIVESTOCK, GRAINS, CHILDREN, THEY ALL BELONG TO HIM!” “SO ANY CHILDREN ARISING FROM FORNICATION BELONGS TO HIM ONLY!” My husband and I were sitting there thinking…so you mean to tell us, this baby that was conceived because our son didn’t marry her…is NOT OUR GRANDBABY?” There was nothing else to conclude but that this is what the leader was saying! This is unreal!

After service my husband and I had many questions. And of course, the only answer we received was, “You heard what the WORD said.” “That’s not his baby, and that’s not your grandchild.”

To be continued…

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