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How Is Today’s Generation Living|Their Memories

How is your child living these days? Do they have their noses stuck in a book or a cell phone? What is their main source of entertainment? Is it Emoji’s, Facebook, and Instagram or Huck Finn, Sarah Plain and Tall, and Dork Diaries? Where does your child spend most of their time? Is it swimming, playing tennis, shooting hoops with the basketball, or soccer? Or is it sitting around watching Disney’s Teen Titans Go, Spongebob, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II? Who do they eat dinner with…the family, friends, or alone? Are their meals served with love from a hot stove and straight from your local farmers market? Or are they speeding through the drive thru lanes of Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Burger King? Before going to bed…are they saying prayers or saying goodnight to friends on the internet? Do they spend time with you on the weekends laying under the stars roasting marshmellows, or shifted to the babysitter for your time to hang out with your co-workers? Just things to think about, pray about, and acknowledge what we need to be doing to make our children’s lives better and more meaningful. These years for them is crucial. They must make a difference in the community that surrounds them. Making just a few minor changes to your schedule will make a productive child value their place in life. Let’s make it count! The memories will last a lifetime…I know mine remind me of their remember whens all the time.

Spend time with them…it means all the world to them!

©2017 The Cunningham Journey


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