Beyond Church Hurt

Why Does God Always Seem To Be Angry?

Walking in service on Sunday morning with your stomach in your throat had become a natural those days. You just had to toughen your stomach muscles for church service and pray while on your way because for me I couldn’t understand why did God always seem to be angry! It must be that we’re always walking the wrong way according to Him no matter how good you’ve been. You knew in service you’re going to get called out today for any reason possible! It seemed that every single service He was angry at someone! Now, you’d never get a phone call unless there were some type of gathering of a certain select few that would seem to begin having prayer and apparently God would start talking in the midst of these individuals. Not while your at home would you get a call, well sometimes but rarely. But when you walked through those doors of the church…watch out! You know you shouldn’t have posted that status on Facebook! What were you thinking? You know how many of “God’s people” are watching every move you make! There’s those little people who watch your posts night and day as well. Also, those older ones which never have anything better to do but to watch your Instagram too! I know this may sound like someone’s a heretic or parranoid to most of you…but I assure you this is very much true. Crazy sounding as it may seem but absolutely true. You can ask any member who have managed to escape without harm (if there be any) because they have been somewhat damaged spiritually, yet they will tell you! You had to keep a watch over your shoulder because the “Ministry is carefully watching for your souls.” As they meant that in every aspect of the word. This isn’t to frighten anyone from attending service because not all church services are like this. But there are some that have come to this disaster due to the shepherd not truly watching and praying for the flock they’ve been given. Somewhere down the line they’ve allowed the enemy to creep in and he began to kill, steal, and destroy.

God is not always angry and I came to realize that on most instances through lots of prayer and supplication poured from my heart unto him during those times. He would comfort me as he promised He would, when I called upon His name…and I did plenty of that! In fact, Jesus is quite the opposite of all that they said He was. He’s loving, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, and full of truth. Some churches as we know them today, have forgotten the love of God and have come to serve another god in which I know not any. You just have to pray and seek the Lord as to where to attend. There are on the other hand, many that preach the truth and live it! Peace unto you and trust God.

©2017 The Cunningham Journey


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