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Alabama Living

Living in Alabama is so unique and so entriguing that I still can’t get over the fact that my family would ever be led to live here! First of all, Alabamians are very family oriented people. Family matters most to them. They look after the ways of their families to ensure they are doing their best. They are ones that will offer to you any assistance they can, even if they are scraping the bottom of the barrel themselves. As opposed to Floridians…Alabamians rarely ever honk their horns at ones dragging to turn a corner or are pausing too long at a traffic light. Down in Florida, you count on bullets flying! In Alabama, all family issues are dealt with by the eldest in the family, which usually are grandmas or great uncles in whom you don’t ever want to mess with! Not much is going to be taken to the officials. Take it to uncle Bob and the shows over! He’ll shut everything down! –Also, there’s no real night life here. Everything begins to close down very early in the evening. On Sundays, you’re with the family eating dinner at the local restaurant or at home stuffing your face with one of grandma’s blueberry pies! Most days you sit back on the front porch watching your young ones play out on the roped tire swing that was made when your mother was young in age or climb the tires of some old tractors. Having a four wheeler is a plus! Your daily tasks consist of cleaning the barns, feeding the animals, or with some, just cleaning the yard. Most people like to cut their yards twice a week with the riding mowers, that’s if they didn’t have to go over it with hugh dozers due to cleaning up the crops.

Family owned businesses are always in full swing. Many have sons, cousins, and nephews to help hold things together. Right now, all of the cotton fields have been harvested to be taken and sold for clothing, blankets, or sent to various places in that industry. It’s so amazing to see balls of cotton rolling down the highways left over from the 5 to 6 foot high layers of cotton stacks! My ancesters came into mind many days as I drove by the fields everyday, looking to what it had been like in their day. I so wanted to go pick cotton. I wanted to put on a cotton sack to see and feel what it was like for my great grandmother when she did the work. For some it was hard painful labor and for some it was a joyful way of living. They sang the hymns to encourage each other. The master didn’t know them, but they knew. I know now too. Times have changed tremendously in Alabama. Life has grown and so have the people. They’ve changed for the better, well…most of them.

When I first arrived here, I literally cracked up laughing while looking on Craigslist! As I was looking for furniture and scrolling through the “free items”, only to find someone getting rid of fainting goats and chickens! I thought OMG! Now, if this ain’t the country, I don’t know what is! Free pigs??!!! Lord, where did you move us to? -So, THIS is country life! It’s just amazing! I LOVE it here!! The sheep and emus are also incredible to see! One day driving through the mountains I saw a Llama! They are actually used to protect the livestock?! Who would have known? Well… Alabamians! I personally have never heard of such a thing. As for me, I now love Alabama living. I’m even talking like’m!😁

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