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Your Reaping Through Your Tears

Many of you know that my husband have been going through many trials in his body. Going through numerous surgeries and at present facing another possibly soon, which have made this a very tedeous journey. Through it all I have found myself crying, a lot, on most days. I thought Lord, why? Why does my husband have to suffer so much? It seemed every time he’d get well…something new would pop up. I thought, gesh! Why can’t he be well? I’d pray and pray and pray. He would heal, then along comes another trial. Each time, the Lord would give me a dream, or vision, or He’d speak what would be coming. Then BOOM, there it is. I’m not speaking of things lightly. Like he’d lose a foot, leg, or something. The Lord through it all would tell me how or what to do. He’d tell me what’s coming and let me know just to encourage my husband. That he is going to be healed. Through every trial…he was healed. But as for me, being his wife. It is hard to say the least. I’m not going to say that being a caregiver is by no means easy. But I must say this, I have gained strength through it all. I didn’t realize that this was mainly testing time for me. This one particular morning the Lord began to speak to me to open His word to Galatians chapter 5, verse 22. As I began to read, he said, “Longsuffering.” “Aurora, this is what I’ve been teaching you. You said you wanted to be like me. Through taking care of your husband, I’ve been teaching you longsuffering.” I then began to weep. Thanking Him, I wept. God is so good. He knows what all of us need to be like Him. I just want to go back with Him. To be purified in Him. With all of this, I didn’t know I was reaping through my tears.

When we cry out to God, He uses those tears to water the solid foundation by which we stand. Ever seen water come out of a rock? Looking at the mountains here in Alabama, there’s plenty of water flowing through them. –To me, it’s nothing short of a miracle to see such a sight.

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