Everyday Life

7 Degrees!

Yes…for the past couple of days it had been snowing!! One morning as I awakened, it was a whole 7 degrees and with the wind chill factor it felt like -6!!! So yeah, it’s been very cold to say the least. But, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time! My children have been having the best time of their lives having snowball fights, building snow castles, and just romping around in the snow! We also have a new member of the family named Sebastian! He’s a pup right now but will soon be gynormous! He’s a great pyrenees and they can get to be a whopping 160 lbs!! So far, he’s nearly doubled since we bought him. He too have been having a blast in the snow. In fact this is right up his alley because his breed is used to romping around after a good snow pulling children on sleds and whatnot. They are meant to protect their flocks and family from potential preditors like wolves and coyotes. But for now, he’s enjoying the snowball fights with the kids!