Beyond Church Hurt

About Aurora…

I thought I’d take the time to share with you who I am. My likes and dislikes, my favorite things, and whatnot. This way you could get to know who’s the lady with ALL of those children!

First of all, I love the Lord with all of my heart, mind, and soul and my FAMILY! Secondly, I am married to my best friend Stewart of which we will soon celebrate our 30th year of marriage on June 24th! Yaay! Okay…and…I have 14 children! Adopted included: Courtney (34), Avie (30), Alonna (28), Siarra (26), Leilani (25), Christian (24), Ashleigh (22), Lacey (21), Brey’l (20), Josiah (18), Paislei (16), Kaleb (13), Naomi (12), and Nahdiyah (9). I have 10 grandchildren! David Jr., Arianna, Genesis, Noah, Hazari, Davianna, Lydia, Journee, Layla, and Isabella!

I live on a beautiful mountain in North Alabama with a 4000 sq ft home on 2 acres of land! I have a huge 140 lbs. Great Pyrenees named Sebastian (1yr)…my baby! My favorite color is silver… probably because of my silver hair! Yes, I’m almost completely gray headed! And…I love it! Well honestly…I prayed for this lovely look! I talk to the Lord almost all day! Smile. Also, I loooove nature! I love family time! I love to travel! My favorite food is sushi in which I could eat every day and most Chinese cuisine! I am a floral designer! I am a home decorator! I love the farmhouse styles! I love gospel, contemporary gospel, jazz, and old time gospel music! My favorite times of the year is spring and fall. I love working outdoors (gardening, mowing, etc.) Lastly, I looooovvvvveeee COFFEE!!!!

Anyways, My dislikes. I don’t like confusion. I don’t like people hurting others. I don’t like being around fake, phony, or hypocritical people. I usually spot them in minutes. And…I avoid them at all costs. That’s pretty much my dislikes.

So, I hope you’ve found this an enjoyable journey with our family blog as we have great things happening all the time in this family! God bless you!