Beyond Church Hurt

Peace In the Storm

Life brings some of the most raging storms that could be the most unimaginable at the time. But the fact that you trust in the True and living God, he will give you such inner peace in the midst of your storms.

Hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, tropical depressions, hail, thunder storms, snow storms and the like can all come barreling your way. It can leave you feeling mildly upset or even send you into deep depression and numbness in some instances with whatever may have hit you at the time.

As we see what happened in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and many other areas around the world, my heart goes out to everyone with love and prayers.

Only God can give you the peace that passes all understanding. It’s beyond our natural understanding. The Spirit of God gives us wisdom of that peace when we receive him into our lives.

Trust in the Lord and lean not unto your own understanding that He may give you rest and peace in the storm. Lord bless you!

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