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Behind the writer’s eyes

There’s a story within every writer. He or she began their writing journey for some particular reason, sometimes unknown even to them. They have an explosion of ideas that burns within them that they desire to share with the world. For this writer, up until now, only a very minute area of my life have been shared with my readers. Now it’s time to show you what’s behind this writer’s eyes!

What have I seen in my lifetime? What have I experienced? Why I am who I am? What makes me the confident woman that I am? Why am I, a Christian? Well, readers…get ready to see behind my eyes. Get ready to take a walk through my heart. Hold on tight, because this most definitely will be a startling, emotional, maybe even relatable and heartfelt journey of what’s within me!

For the next few articles that I’ll be sharing, it’ll all begin of when I was a child and what led me to where I am today. Many of you as I’ve said will relate. Many of you have experienced similar encounters as a child. I’ve been through a lot. I’ll walk you through my path of abuse, drugs, fear, murder, yes murder, etc.

I’m now ready to share with you what’s behind my writer’s eye.

 ©2021 The Cunningham Journey


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