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Ladies, Your submissiveness brings unity in the Spirit with Christ. Because no MAN wants a WIFE with a homosexual spirit unless he struggles with the same spirit. Your humbleness brings love, peace, and pureness with your Father above. Listen… YOU WILL NEVER BE MORE SUBMISSIVE TO GOD AND NOT BE SUBMISSIVE TO YOUR HUSBAND. It goes hand in hand. Yes…I know it’s a struggle in your flesh to be humble for some. I AM A WITNESS🤚! But when I think of how much I love the Lord…NOTHING and NO ONE is worth me not having that loving connection with my God! I FASTED…which some of ya’ll simply won’t do…and I PRAYED…hard…VERY HARD! Trust me…I had to do a lot of both! But God!!!! I can share the truth with you because I faced LOSING my soul if I didn’t humble. Which is another thing you most certainly DON’T want to do! Remember Eve? Yeah, salvation had to come because of her! Just a little help for my fellow sisters 🙂 Love you in Jesus Name!

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

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