Everyday Life

Full Submission

Photo by Hannah Stevens on Pexels.com

I just believe that as a woman…no matter what you are dealing with in a marriage, however, he is…my FULL obedience to God first and FULL submission to my own husband will bring my husband into FULL submission with Christ. As a woman…we have so much power through God in obedience. It brings FEAR over a man to see a fully submissive woman who gives herself to prayer daily. Why do I say that? First…men DON’T see that in most women today! They hear and see the women are so much into themselves. Not into building their character according to the Word of God but into who they feel they should be. They desire so many material things that it’s not about seeking God and what He desires. Many seek self pleasures. But let a woman seek God fully…Let her draw close to Jesus….she will seek to please her own husband. To build him and her household. There’s nothing her husband won’t want to give unto her. They will rise up and call her blessed. This is TRUE love.

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