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I Don’t Mind Waiting On the Lord

Sometimes, you may feel that you are waiting on the Lord when in all actuality, you’re really not. Waiting on God means just that, wait. Don’t get involved. Don’t try to figure it out. Don’t try to put your two cents in. Don’t try to help God out. Don’t try to rush things along. Just wait. Wait. Be patient. Pray…..and wait. God will pour out his blessing upon you in due time. Only in His timing, not yours but His. Can we honestly say I don’t mind waiting on the Lord? That’ll be in most cases….no.

I have found myself in the situation of trying to speed up the process unknowingly I guess. You fool yourself into thinking and saying, “I’m waiting on God!” In reality, your finding ways to “help”, by talking to people…which in my book is a big no no! You bring your situation to those you feel can get things done. Then kind of praying as you open your mouth about what you’re “waiting” for, expecting the one on the receiving end to have the answer for you. To no avail. God will even let you go that way only to allow your intrusion which will effortlessly fail and become a complete shambles, because you didn’t really wait on God.

When the Lord tells you to wait, do just that and wait. He seriously knows what He’s doing. He is God. And he does know what is up ahead. He knows our future. He knows our entire being. He knows what’s best for us. He just knows.

God has had to tell me multiple times to wait. Because we can’t hurry God. I heard Him, and thought I was obeying. I quickly found out that I fooled myself into thinking I was. The results of my overstepping to speed things up finalized in disaster to my own hurt. It doesn’t feel good. Then if we’re not careful when the realization hits of what we just did, we begin to blame God? Well, that’s not wise. I know I’m not talking about myself here. We have all experienced it. We are not waiting on God like we should. In God’s loving mercy and compassion towards us, He waits for us to calm down and begins to speak in letting us know of our error with a strong loving rebuke, and sweetly tells of His blessings for us if we just….wait. If you are wise in heart you will be thankful for His love towards you and repent. Believe me after all of that, you’ll begin to say within yourself, I don’t mind waiting on the Lord.

Photo by Felipe Cespedes on Pexels.com

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