Everyday Life

New Trust in God

Every day brings a new time, new trust, a new era, a new moment, a new purpose, and new faith! Each day as we rise up, we face something we’ve never faced before and therefore we must continue to trust in God. We have challenges that we have never seen before, and we make new decisions. Things we’ve done in the past are gone so today we must face it, with a new mind. God makes all things new in our lives and we must trust in Him to give us new strength to go forth for this day. No two days are the same. Though they may feel like it, they most certainly are not. Lord, as we trust in you this day, we kindly ask for our daily bread. We trust in what you will give us today, because today is brand new.

Written By Aurora Cunningham
©2021 The Cunningham Journey

Photo by Sachin C Nair on Pexels.com


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