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Sanctified Hands

Today, I was reminiscing on a huge argument (high level discussion) is what we’ll call it (smiles), that my husband I had some years ago. Now ya’ll know, as Christian married couples you’ve probably had plenty of those, even if it were simple disagreements. You get on each others last nerves at times…LOL. As I was saying, we were in the heat of the moment, attitudes flaring, snatching things, slamming things down on the table while getting the point across, then it happens! He gets right up in my face! We’re toe to toe! I was like, “Oh…bring it on buddy!!! What you gonna do? You want some of this? Let’s go!” It was about to go down! Some sanctified hands was getting ready to be thrown!! I mean I was ready! And you wouldn’t believe what this holy, sanctified, man of God did next! I yelled, “What you gonna do?!! He yelled, you know what I’m gonna do?!! I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do!! And you guessed it…..yep…right in the biggest fight of all fights….he reaches towards me and WHAM!!!!!!!!!!! He slaps…..the BIGGEST KISS ON MY LIPS!!!! OMG!!! I WAS JUST DONE?!! I melted ya’ll…….I was no good after that. All of my anger, adrenaline, just everything…disappeared!

Today, when I thought about our high level discussion…all I could do was laugh out loud!!! All by myself, going down the road…just laughing. Listen, when you think about how aggravating your husband can be sometimes…you just love them no matter how foolish or crazy they can be sometimes. I would love to have an argument right now with him and throw some sanctified hands…lol. Enjoy them while you can, mine is in heaven now and may have even thought about what happened back then being thankful for such a wise decision.

Photo by Kiera Burton on Pexels.com

Written by Aurora Cunningham

©2021 The Cunningham Journey


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