Beyond Church Hurt

The following articles that will be given in this series is about how the Lord has delivered our family from the hands of the enemy that is working in the church. Many of you can and will relate in your own way as these are real emotions and real actions that do occur in the body of Christ around the world today. At times, you will notice as I write to you each day, God is still healing us, so bear with me. Pray for me as we pray for you. We have VICTORY in Christ and have been set FREE from the bondage the enemy encroached upon us. I’m sure you may feel in bondage though living for the Lord…but be it known unto you…You ARE FREE! So, follow along each day as I share the full story of “Beyond Church Hurt”

October 25, 2016

Prophecy Destruction I

“Okay everyone, it’s time to get ready for church!”, I’d say in preparation for service on the morrow. As I thought about what great testimony I’d share with everyone, I thawed out ox tails, cut up onions and seasoned them to put in the crock pot for Sunday’s dinner. All the girls would quickly throw clothes in the washer, heat up the flat-iron and start talking about what cute hairstyles they had in mind. The smell of hair pomade and burnt hair scented the room. The iron board was dragged out and the temperature was set. The boys as well would sneak into their daddy’s ties to see what they could match up for their Sunday-go-to-meetin’s attire. So everyone was in full preparation.

In the morning, daddy and I would rise up, giving the morning house call. “Rise up everyone, time to go to church!” Kids were jumping out of bed,  gospel jam was cranked on full blast and out comes one of the girls shouting down the hallway dancing to James Fortune’s “Praise Break” song! One of the boys would come flying into the living room like the spirit just took full control! Soon, the whole house was stirred up, shoutin’, dancing, loud and rejoicing!  Next thing you heard was, “Hey y’all it’s almost 9 o’clock!” Everyone burst out the door! Shoes in one hand, scarves and purses in another and daddy already sitting in the van waiting for everyone to load for our 45 minute commute to church! Pushing and shoving and at times arguing over seats, so we were on our way! We rejoiced and chatted about how we couldn’t wait to get there and see who was going to be greedy in the spirit today! Next, I overheard one of my daughters in a conversation on the phone. “Hey girl, how are you? I’m fine. Um, did you remember to put my shoes in your car? No? You know you better go put them in there now, you already know how your mind works! Yep. For real. Mhm. Hey, by the way, I gotta tell you bout this bad dream I had last night! It was crazy! What? You too? Wow, I think the Lord is trying to prepare us for something. We really need to pray! Mhm. Okay, Chile…let me go. Girl, I’m so ready for service! Don’t start, please don’t start! I’m about to make my momma pull this car over and start shoutin’! Yes, Lord Jesus! Ok, bye, mm mm mm! Bye!” As she got off the phone, I had my own dreams that troubled me circling around in my mind. Oh well, not today! I’m ready to praise God!

Though warnings were coming, full understanding wasn’t fully manifested to prepare us for what Satan had in mind against our beautiful family. This goes beyond church hurt. They were trying to destroy us.


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