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Couldn’t See Beyond Dirt |My Great Repentence

I thought I was in hell and I couldn't see beyond dirt for all I had spoken, I was in such great repentence I could only stress how sorry I was! Yet, it wasn't good enough, I couldn't see beyond dispair and ruin. If I could have stood upon a million hills to say how… Continue reading Couldn’t See Beyond Dirt |My Great Repentence

Beyond Church Hurt

Beyond Church Hurt

October 27, 2016 Whispers Became Louder When dealing with these people, they would suck you into their family as though one of their own, then drop you into the fire! They spoke many false things into the ears of all desperate ones willing to please God in order to be right with Him. Their whispers… Continue reading Beyond Church Hurt

Beyond Church Hurt

Prophecy Destruction I

October 27, 2016 Is There A Word Called Proph-a-lying Seeing over 30 plus people leaving the church, for the impending destruction that was spoken over their lives, left my stomach in a knot! Including my own soon to be disturbing death that was said I would endure, I was literally scared to the core of… Continue reading Prophecy Destruction I