Filled With The Holy Ghost!!!

October 30, 2016

Today, we celebrate the NEW birth experience with our youngest daughter Nahdiyah (age 7) which took place during prayer in our service!!! We are so joyful in what the Lord has done for our family in continuing to show how much He loves us ALL!!! As we were in prayer for one of our sons, Nahdiyah too came up to lay hands on him in prayer (smile). Before we knew anything she fell into a full worship and knelt down at her seat and began to speak in an unknown tongue as the Spirit gave utterance (as witnessed by many others in the scriptures according to Acts 2:4). She also began to prophesy. In all, we glorify God on His continual outpouring of the Holy Ghost spoken by the prophet Joel (see Joel 2:28).

Continue to praise God with us as we continue to pray for you and rejoice for your soon deliverance in Christ Jesus! Jesus is COMING soon! (see Rev. 22:12,13; 22:20)

Look up for your redemption draweth nigh!!! So come Lord Jesus! Glory Glory Glory! All Majesty and Honor to our soon coming King! The Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace! Jesus our God and Saviour! In Jesus Name, We Bless You!