The Legacy of Stewart S. Cunningham

As many of you may already know that my wonderful husband of 31 years, on August 22, 2020, is now resting in the bosom of the Lord. Stewart built a strong legacy of love, patience, endurance, longsuffering, and bestowed unconditional love upon all who knew him.

Though Stewart suffered in his body through multiple sicknesses, 2 heart attacks, diabetes, double below knee amputations, 39 surgeries,  renal failure,  going through being on dialysis 3 days of the week…he never complained and always trusted God!!!

Stewart was a mentor and father figure to all the young people that came to know him. He became “daddy” almost immediately to all of them. They found knowledge, comfort, at times humor, love, and support through they’re time of getting to know him. He is known as a gentle giant. He was determined to hold out till the end! Stewart will be extremely missed by all and especially by his loving wife who cared for him for the past 13 years. All of his beautiful grandchildren called him “Pa-Pa” and have mentioned him often since his departure. They’ll come to understand in God’s timing. I’m so glad you made it baby! Till we meet again sweetheart, daddy, Pa-Pa…you’re dearly missed!!😭❤❤❤

He leaves in the precious care of Jesus Christ…his loving wife Aurora, many sons and daughters: Courtney, Avie, Alonna (Maurice), Siarra (Jason), Leilani, Christian (Rylande), Ashleigh, Lacey, Josiah, Paislei, Kaleb, Naomi, and Nahdiyah. Also, 12 beautiful grandchildren, Arianna, David Jr., Genesis, Noah, Hazari, Lydia, Davianna, Journee, Layla, Isabella, Ronasia, and Amara.

As we continue this journey without Stewart…he forever remains in our hearts! RIH

I will stand by you by The Cunningham Family. We do not own this song.
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