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Build Your Hopes On Things Eternal

I remember the beautiful days when uncertainty came while sitting in service. One of the saints would strike out a song like the one that’s in my heart this morning… “Hold to His hand, God’s unchanging hand. Hold to His hand, God’s unchanging hand. You better build your hopes on things eternal…Hold to God’s unchanging hand.” Those were the days when one song lasted for 25 mins or someone started dancing in the spirit. Some of you may not understand what that is. But it is so real! The Lord would just take over and people would be healed, delivered, and set free! I’ve witnessed many as well as myself being quickened by God. God made us alive unto Him. He filled us with His Holy Spirit. We are no longer dead in sin. So also when the days come where you may not know what to put on your table to feed your children, or how to pay your bill that is at it’s last notice, and your children are acting all unseemly, or if you will even rise up the next morning because the doctor said there’s nothing left that he can do…You have to HOLD to God’s hand, His unchanging hand. You have to build your hopes on things ETERNAL. God’s hand never changes! Be encouraged in the Lord.

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