Beyond Church Hurt

Forgiveness Through Destruction

“Lord, why are they treating me so badly, why does my heart continually ache, what am I supposed to do? Lord, why don’t they love me?”, I cried. Again I pleaded, “Please stop them from hurting my family…Lord, I don’t want to keep going through this. But Lord, help me to feel the way you want me to feel about this situation. Lord, help me to go through. God, I just want you to show me what to do.” I began to ask Him to forgive them for all they had done, not realizing what actually was taking place in me at the time. I experienced forgiveness through the destruction. While sobbing and expressing my grief with the Lord over the treatment we were going through, the Lord responded to my beckoning pleas saying, “Aurora, this is how I want you to feel. Having a mind to forgive. They are not against you, but they are against me. I live inside of you. So, they are attacking me. Forgive them. I will bless you. Keep this mind. Stay there. This is part of my suffering.” My heart melted to the words He had spoken to me. Forgiveness is all I wanted God to show in me. Love is in my heart, because of Jesus. My flesh had to get out of the way. So, I immediately began to beg on their behalf for God to forgive all of them. I sat on the floor of my room, face drenched with tears for an hour or more. Just sobbing. Praying, “Lord forgive them”. We must forgive through destruction, not our destruction but their own destruction. They are destroying their own lives without even knowing it.

©2017 The Cunningham Journey


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