Beyond Church Hurt

Prophecy Destruction III

October 31, 2016

During his request to God, He said, “Lord, if this is not YOUR Spirit, at the sound of my voice…let everything cease!” As he spoke in a very loud voice, “In the Name of Jesus, STOP!”

(Excerpt from Prophecy Destruction II)

Immediately, everything came to an abrupt end! All the tongue speaking ceased. All the crying out to God ceased. So there was my son and daughter left traumatized inside their weak and frightened souls, truly their faith was completely shaken! The elder who was leading the revival that night was at a great lost for words, seeing what had just happened. Unquestionably, something went terribly wrong as this was also the night that a few moments earlier one of my older daughters had just been filled with the Holy Ghost! Everyone knew that was of the Lord, but within a few seconds a shift had taken place in the atmosphere. After regaining the minds of all the youth present, fearfully, everyone began to exit the building looking for their parents to get them as far away from this dilemma as possible. Many phone calls rang out that night searching for answers to this unexplainable night of horror. As the news began to unfold of what had happened that night, many parents including ourselves had demanded to know what was going on. No one would explain. Just that we were to follow along with the ministry no matter what took place. You were told that whatever way the elders moved, that’s the way you moved. So as not to bring “division” among the members. What on earth do you mean…follow along with the elders? These were children of the elders that caused all the confusion! I was in no wise going along with my family getting blasted like this and told they were a “witch!” I prayed, “Lord, please tell me what is going on!” Many meetings took place between the elders and members of the congregation but to no avail. Everything pretty much was justified in their own eyes and that my daughter was considered a witch and that was the end of discussion. Saying that the elder’s daughter can’t be wrong because she would never just speak anything like this. So the influence of the enemy’s devices were great but it had absolutely nothing to do with my daughter. She was and is not nor ever shall be a witch. Satan took over that church with such prophecies as these. Soon, more and more false prophecies began to surface. Many people left the church damaged beyond recognition. Couples were told they were never going to be saved nor have children. In fact, one couple that did conceive were told the baby wouldn’t live. The baby came to term with the mother in great distress believing the child wouldn’t live. On the next child this one didn’t come to full term and at such time the mother was told “I told you God said it wouldn’t live and that you wouldn’t have any!” Wait a minute! You said that with the first child…Lord have mercy! The mother went into such deep postpartum depression believing the lies she was told so that the child didn’t make it…she was thoroughly damaged. She was in such anguish she and her husband later moved to Texas. Over time, knowing the LOVE God has and in bringing light to the truth she again conceived and have bore a total of 4 children. God always shows us the truth! God WILL ALWAYS deliver His people out of bondage! I continue to pray for all of these individuals and I ask you to please do the same. They need you. We need you to pray.

©2016 The Cunningham Journey


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